Thursday, November 19, 2009

Afghanistan and Iraq Wars

I believe that I am the only Republican candidate, in the 10th Congressional District, in Illinois, who is campaigning for the United States Congress, advocating the immediate departure, of the United States military, from Afghanistan and Iraq.

The possible benefits do not exceed the costs of continuing the current mission. Do not forget that 15 of the 19 hijackers, on September 11, 2009, were from Saudi Arabia. They could train anywhere in the world, including Libya or Somalia. In fact, the hijackers were actually trained in the United States. Afghanistan does not have any flight schools.

I do not want to spend another trillion dollars on the Afghanistan war and Iraq war. I will always support
the 30,000 wounded veterans from the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war.

I am fiscally conservative and believe that the ending of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars is an excellent start at reducing the growth of the 12 trillion dollar national debt.

Show your support for ending the wars!

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